War Net

Entrant 2016

Chris @Craftfortress


WarNet.IO is the next generation Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy Global Warfare game.

Featuring a unique networking and gaming engine which handles upto 196 players, and built with WebGL, Javascript & Node.JS it is a fully cross platform real time strategy game where you can play either cooperatively against an AI, or versus everyone for dominion of the planet.

I spent the last 2 years building War Net on my own in my studio in Oxford.
I loved the film War Games, back from the 80's, so I decided my first game had to be the films antagonist.
With my love of the board game Risk, I merged both passions into my creation.
The technical challenge of creating my own scalable networking engine from scratch was one of the biggest hurdles, then came integrating the real world data.

Feel free to play the Alpha at http://www.warnet.io.

Please note it is currently running on Alpha and I am patching once every 3 days so there will be features which may be temporarily not working.

Email me at [email protected] if you have any problems, thank you for your time!