Zombie Zone - World Domination

Entrant 2016

Mob In Life


Zombie Zone is the first strategy-survival geolocated game designed for iOS and Android. Its unique gameplay combines conquest and survival, combat and diplomacy, in a post-apocalyptic setting.

After a devastating zombie attack, the end of the world is near. Geolocate yourself and join survivors around you! Raise your best army, conquer surrounding zones, defend your territory and reclaim your city!

From your HQ, explore every zone in the area to find and destroy zombies, enemy's nests and destructive bosses. Once conquered, zones must be defended against zombie night attacks and other players. In order to extend your territory, build up the best army, improve your warriors, upgrade your buildings and vehicles thanks to the resources scavenged on the surrounding zones!

Players are grouped into factions to communicate and join forces with other army commanders. In your fight against zombies and in your race to conquer the world, what will you do? Form an alliance and play cooperatively with friends? Or compete the other alliances and become the most powerful survivor?